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Entrepreneurial Capacity-building for Sport


Analysis of competition

we need to research target audience, current market, to understand demand and offer.

Behavior-focused strategies

These strategies endeavor to assist an individual to increase their self-awareness in order to facilitate behavioral management, especially the management of behaviors related to necessary but often unpleasant tasks.

Blue Ocean Strategy

is the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost to open up a new market space and create new demand. It is about creating and capturing uncontested market space, thereby making the competition irrelevant


is a combination of techniques designed to help participants break out of traditional thinking patterns in order to come up with new ideas or creative solutions to a specific problem or around a specific theme.

Branding strategy and briefing

it is an identification of your brand and what it represents. It is an overview of what exactly your brand is or isn´t.

Business idea

is an initial idea of how to create something new, improve the existing, or better solve a problem or a need, in a way that will generate value for the users, which can lead to establishing an enterprise.

Business model

is a concept that defines how a business creates, delivers, and captures value, i.e. it explains the main logic of how a business works.

Constructive thought pattern strategies

they are designed to facilitate the formation of constructive thought patterns and habitual ways of thinking that can positively impact performance.

Constructive Conflict

this involves engaging your team members in the decision-making process.

Corporate identity

it is the visual identity of the brand.

Design Thinking

is the creative and systematic approach to problem-solving by placing the user/customer at the center of the experience. It consists of 5 phases – Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test. It is best applied to innovation projects where the problem domain is not fully known or understood with a high degree of uncertainty and ambiguity.

Domain name

A domain is the unique name given to a website, so that any user can find it.


is a process in which an opportunity is identified, evaluated, and exploited.

Financial plan

is a plan of business spending based on revenues and expenses for a certain period (month, quarter, year). Identifies available capital, estimates consumption, and helps predict revenue. It is an aid in planning business activities and serves to set financial goals.

Fixed and variable costs

The costs of starting a business can be divided into: fixed and variable costs. Fixed costs: costs that the future entrepreneur has and do not depend on the products produced or services provided. Variable costs: costs directly related to the business


is A person or a group of people who enable others to perform certain tasks or processes in an effective way. A facilitator remains neutral and sometimes plays devils advocate in order to unleash the creative potential in the individual participants.


is a noticeable element of the brand so audience can differentiate it from a competition.


is the commercialization of an idea (the ability to create value through new ideas and improved solutions).


Also known as Key Performance Indicator, a KPI is a control variable to which managers rely on to benchmark current VS planned results (i.e., numbers of STKH reached by communication activities during the first four months of implementation).


unique focus and personality of the brand.

Minimum Viable Product

is a product with basic features, but enough to get the attention of the consumers.


Marketing is the process by which companies engage customers, build strong customer relationships, and create customer value in order to capture value from customers in return.

Marketing mix

the way in which Marketing specialists generate product/service’s awareness and place their offer to the final market by defining scale/nature/scope of: Product, Price,Place,Promotion, People,Process, Physical evidence, Partnership.

Marketing Plan

formal document – usually, attached in annex to the Business Plan – detailing very precisely the overall marketing strategies of an organisation. From a broader perspective, the Marketing Plan is a narrative description of all the marketing mix’s elements of relevance for the organisation.

Market Concentration

it is often taken as a very reliable indicator to measure “competitiveness” of a given market, as function of the number of firms operating in a given market. More precisely, the Market Concentration is indicated by the ratio between number of firms and their respective shares of the total production in that market.

Non-verbal feedback

The nonverbal feedback setting allows participants to use icons to communicate with the meeting host and participants without disrupting the class.

Natural reward strategies

They are intended to create situations in which a person is motivated or rewarded by inherently enjoyable aspects of the task or activity.

Possible ways of financing and raising funds

are own money, family and friends, crowdfunding, angel investors, banks / credit lines, grants


should be focused on the certain audience, in the most cases customers of our clients.

Project Management

Project management is the application of processes, methods, skills, knowledge and experience to achieve specific project objectives.

Project Management Plan

Formal document drafted immediately before project’s launch. The PMP refines activities included in the SoW and provides for clear guidance on how task should be implemented, by who, due when.

Promotional mix

commonly defined as a sub-set of the Marketing Mix, the Promotional Mix includes a series of elements and strategies chosen by entrepreneurs / marketing specialists to increase the visibility of firms’ offer, such as: Direct Marketing, Personal selling, Sponsorship, Guerrilla Marketing, Product placement, Broadcasting, Etc.


is a tangible representation or sample of an idea used as a vehicle to as questions about the critical assumptions within a new concept, product or service for customers.


A term which describes a self- influence process through which people can and do achieve the self-direction and self-motivation necessary to perform their tasks and work. Self-leadership consists of specific behavioral and cognitive strategies designed to positively influence personal effectiveness.


Any organisation, institution and/or physical person that is impacted by or can have an impact on project’s development and success

Statement of Work

Formal document drafted during completion of project’s ideas that outlines the planned activities and expected results. The document discloses background and needs / opportunities addressed by the project, budgets and resources absorbed by implementation tasks, project’s team, impact and monitoring means.

Survival budget

the amount that the future entrepreneur should cover his personal expenses, not counting the inflow of money from sources other than his trade / company for the next 12 months. Start-up costs represent the amount needed by future entrepreneurs before starting a business.

The components of the financial plan

are: Estimated revenue, Fixed cost, Variable cost, One-time cost, Cash flow, Planned financial result.

Video setups

the way in which videos are organized or arranged


is a process of reducing the uncertainty of pursuing ideas that look great in theory but won´t work in reality.


it is an online content management system, which allows you to create and edit a website, a blog


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