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Entrepreneurial Capacity-building for Sport


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ENDURANCE will develop innovative training solutions and tools to enhance and advance entrepreneurship education and training across the VET ecosystem (IVET, higher VET and continuing education and training in HE, adult learning and continuing training) by leveraging, in an innovative and operational way, the linkages between sports and entrepreneurship. Besides sensitizing the stakeholders and target groups, ENDURANCE will equip them with tangible instruments together with uptake guidelines.

To address these gaps at EU level, ENDURANCE objectives are:

1) Developing an online interactive and open OER platform to deliver ENDURANCE training
2) Mapping the dynamics of sports and entrepreneurship, common traits and links, success and failure factors in their linking for sustainable careers for learners in VET and sport systems
3) Developing the ENDURANCE custom-made training and toolkit for enhanced entrepreneurship
4) Sustaining project results and promoting their uptake in VET and sport ecosystems
5) Stimulating with a Green Paper the debate, practice and policy options to advance links between sport and entrepreneurship

Programme:Erasmus Plus
Key Action:Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Action:Strategic Partnerships for VET – KA202
Main objective:Innovation
Project Title: Entrepreneurial Capacity-building for Sport
Project Acronym: ENDURANCE
Project Duration: 24 months
Start Date: 01/11/2020
End Date: 31/10/2022
Coordinating Organisation: UNIVERZITA KOMENSKEHO V BRATISLAVE (Slovakia)
Budget: € 296.278,00


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